We’re delighted to dive into an exciting phase of the 2023 NSW Volunteer of the Year Regional Award Ceremonies

Running from mid-August to mid-October, our 25 Regional Award Ceremonies sweep across the state to celebrate the outstanding achievements of volunteers. Each ceremony is a powerful testament to the dedication and passion that volunteers bring to their programs, causes and communities.

It’s not everyday that we, as a society, sit back and reflect on the profound impact of these contributions. From the small, seemingly menial tasks to the broader advocacy campaigning for lasting change, all volunteering has the power to enrich our lives and transform our communities for the better.

As your State Peak Body, we urge you to continue recognising the invaluable efforts of our state’s volunteers, for they truly make NSW a more vibrant, connected and enjoyable place for all.

This page will be updated for each Volunteer of the Year regional award ceremony as they occur. To view the stories and photos you can select the link for the relevant regional awards ceremony in the list opposite.

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