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What is the Voices of Volunteering channel?

Want to learn more about volunteering? Whether you are curious about getting started or looking to progress your volunteer leadership, our Voices of Volunteering podcast channel is the ultimate resource.

With special episodes and two podcast series now streaming on major platforms, you can enjoy:

  • Expert advice
  • Industry news
  • Inspirational stories

And more, in an easy-listening format that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

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Let’s Talk Volunteering

Are you a volunteer leader looking to learn more about best practice? With “Let’s Talk Volunteering,” you can listen to expert advice, industry examples and real insights from people who have been in your shoes.

Presented by Dr. Ben Hillier, Director of Policy, Advocacy & Research.

Episode 1: State of Volunteering Report with Paul Muller (Institute of Project Management)

In this episode, Dr Ben Hillier, Director: Research, Policy and Advocacy speaks with Paul Muller, Managing Director for the Institute of Project Management. You will hear about the State of Volunteering Report, the impact and benefit of gathering data on the volunteering sector to influence government and the current challenges facing the sector.

Episode 1: State of Volunteering Report

Episode 2: Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity with Janet Irvine (Settlement Services International)

In this episode, Dr Ben Hillier talks to Janet Irvine of Settlement Services International (SSI) about diverse and inclusive volunteering. They discuss the reasons why we should practice diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our volunteer management as well as practical strategies to build these practices in our organisations.

Episode 2: Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity

Episode 3: Youth Volunteering with Kate Munro (Youth Action)

In this episode, Dr Ben Hillier speaks with the CEO of Youth ActionKate Munro, about the importance of volunteering with young people. Kate shares her wisdom and tips for engaging this vital demographic and offers some suggestions for confronting common pitfalls in youth volunteering.

Episode 3: Youth Volunteering

Episode 4: Social Mission Revolution with Andrea Putting (Trusted Advisor)

In this episode, ⁠Dr Ben Hillier⁠ speaks with Andrea Putting about the Social Mission Revolution and its relevance to volunteering and volunteer management.

Episode 4: Social Mission Revolution

Local Legends

Are you looking for volunteering? Whether you want to start volunteering, are already volunteering and need motivation, or just need a pick-me-up, the Local Legends podcast is made for you.

Presented by Charlotte Bosler, Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

Episode 1: Buzzing About Blowfly with Mark Rushton (Blowfly)

In this episode, Charlie Bosler, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, speaks with the founder of Blowfly Cricket AustraliaMark Rushton. Mark shares his story in reimagining the beloved Aussie sport for all abilities. Discover how one conversation with a friend sparked a mass community initiative, bringing everyone together on an equal playing field.

Episode 1: Buzzing About Blowfly

Episode 2: Grief, Guidance and Giving Back with Joy Rappo (The Compassionate Friend)

In this episode, Charlie Bosler, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, has a conversation with Joy Rappo, a member and volunteer of The Compassionate Friends, on loss, listening and kindness.

Episode 2: Grief, Guidance and Giving Back

Episode 3: Dressing for Success with Robyn de Szoeke OAM (Dress for Success)

In a conversation with Charlotte BoslerRobyn de Szoeke OAM shares her love and lessons as a passionate volunteer, empowering women on the pathway to employment with Dress for Success Sydney.

Episode 3: Dress for Success

Episode 3: Respect, Belonging and Inclusion with Dr Saba Nabi OAM (Multicultural Council)

Husband and young child in tow, Dr Saba Nabi OAM travelled from Delhi to Wagga Wagga/Wiradjuri Country, where her volunteering journey took off. In a conversation with ⁠⁠Charlotte Bosler⁠⁠, she shares her volunteering triumphs, challenges, and thoughts on what it means to be included in her community.

Episode 4: Respect, Belonging and Inclusion

Special Episodes

Enjoy the exciting news and expert interviews on topics that matter to you most.

Episode 1: Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation

In this episode, Clint Bertenshaw, Director: Sector Development and Engagement speaks with Kylie Elliot, Volunteer and Supporter Engagement Lead for the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation. You will hear about how The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation implemented the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement, what it takes to be a great volunteer leader and how to get more for less out of your volunteer program.

Episode 1: Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation