Our RAP is underpinned by our commitment to reconciliation through engaging and involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the work of The Centre for Volunteering.

Gemma Rygate, The Centre for Volunteering CEO

Reconciliation Action Plan

The Centre for Volunteering was recently endorsed for our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).  

Read more about the commitments and actions we are undertaking as part of our Reflect RAP. These actions address inequalities, increase equity and self-determination for First Nations peoples and communities. 

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Artwork by Sharon Smith

Artwork by Sharon Smith

Eucalyptus Leaves, Wiradjuri Country

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First Nations Volunteering Position Statement

The Centre for Volunteering is dedicated to the ongoing work towards Reconciliation. We recognise the histories of colonisation and systemic oppression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and are walking with Community toward a reconciled Australia.  

It is important to appreciate that many First Nations peoples perceive volunteering differently to non-Indigenous people. The definition of volunteering is not always recognised within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. We acknowledge that giving and sharing within Community are forms of cultural practices and a way of life. The Centre supports and advocates for these volunteering practices and the strength of community giving.  

We accept that volunteer programs across our sector may have structural barriers which impact the ability of First Nations peoples to join in formal volunteering (volunteering through an organisation). The Centre is acutely aware that many non-Indigenous organisations are not culturally safe for First Nations peoples, which results in inequity in participation.  

We believe that volunteering is for everyone and champion inclusion. We respect that First Nations peoples may prefer to volunteer within their own communities. The Centre supports self-determination and the localised response to community needs provided by First Nations peoples, which in turn builds strong, resilient and empowered communities.  

As the peak body for volunteering in NSW we believe it is vital that First Nations peoples have a seat at the table when we are speaking about volunteering. First Nations voices, inputs, and knowledge are imbedded in strategy and policy and the process of learning, developing and supporting a culturally competent sector is part of our journey and our commitment toward a reconciled Australia.   

We all have a role to play in working toward a reconciled Australia. The work is ongoing, and we look forward to taking this journey together. 


First Nations Cultural Resources

Want to learn about First Nations peoples’ cultural histories and how to build mutually beneficial partnerships? Check out our First Nations resources created in partnership with Aunty Barbara O’Neill and Graham Toomey 

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First Nations Volunteering Stories

Interested in hearing stories from First Nations volunteers? Check out our YarnUp project with Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation and Tribal Warrior Talent which highlights the importance of Community giving, Culture and strength of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander volunteering.  

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Eucalyptus Trees, Wiradjuri Country

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