NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards

Nominations for the 2020 NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards will open in March.

In 2019 more than 123,000 people from over 500 organisations were recognised with awards and certificates and this year we hope to recognise even more! Further details will follow soon on the 2020 Awards page so make sure you keep up to date by checking-in to this page or by signing up to our monthly newsletter.

The NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards is an annual program established in 2007 by The Centre for Volunteering to recognise the outstanding efforts of volunteers in NSW, and to promote the importance of volunteering to the community.

The Awards are a celebration of the great Australian tradition of quietly lending a hand without asking for anything in return. They provide a unique platform for our volunteers to share their remarkable stories and for the state to formally recognise their efforts. By doing so, we send a powerful message about the value of volunteering and the contribution of our 2.1 million volunteers to help build strong, healthy and well-connected communities.