Volunteer Management Activity Project Partnerships Program

To deliver program outcomes The Centre, through an open application process, is partnering with external organisations on projects that will deliver advice, support and resources to help enable volunteering by members of identified groups.  The projects build the capacity of volunteer managers and volunteer involving organisations to better engage these volunteers in a meaningful and respectful manner.  

The Centre for Volunteering is delivering the Volunteer Management Activity (VMA) on behalf of the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services (DSS). The objective of the VMA is to increase opportunities for people to participate in the social and economic life of their community through volunteering. Excellent Volunteer Management is key to the volunteering experience.  

The focus of the VMA is:   

  • The delivery of online services in volunteer management to build the capacity of volunteer-involving organisations;  
  • Breaking down barriers to volunteering faced by identified groups*; and  
  • An increase in service coverage across regional, rural, and remote areas. 

One element of The Centre’s implementation of the VMA in NSW is to partner with community experts through the Project Partnerships Program. 

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2022-23 Project Partners 

2023-24 Project Partners 


Partnering with The Centre through the Project Partnerships Program to break down the barriers to volunteering 

A major element of The Centre’s implementation of the Volunteer Management Activity is creating partnerships with community experts through the Project Partnerships Program.  

In the design phase of the Volunteer Management Activity, The Centre engaged the LDC Group to provide advice on the optimal framework for service provision across NSW.  It was decided that a project-based model would achieve the desired outcomes, as it provides:   

  • Flexibility to fund new projects annually,  
  • Greater strategic oversight of projects focussed on excellent volunteer management, 
  • Ability to utilise data to plan and prioritise projects into the future,  
  • Opportunity to identify, facilitate and utilise specialist expertise, and 
  • Opportunity to explore new ideas and innovation. 

The Centre adopted recommendations from the review and is partnering with sector and community experts on projects which will support VIOs to break down barriers to volunteering faced by identified groups. through an open application process.

Project proposals are being sought from the sector annually. The efficacy and outcomes of projects, and the Project Partnerships Program, will be reviewed by The Centre for Volunteering before calling for the next round of project proposals, and any necessary adjustments to the program will be made. 

Details of our Project Partnerships Program, including purpose, criteria and how to apply are available on this page and will be updated with the release of the next funding round. You can read the VMA Project Guidelines for Applicants for the now closed 2023-24 round here:

Click here for Project Guidelines for Applicants

We encourage you to consider how you may be able to align your services to enable you to deliver projects that meet the objectives of this program.

*Identified groups include:

  • First Nations Peoples  
  • Newly Arrived Migrants
  • People with Disability
  • Vulnerable Women 
  • Young People
  • People who are unemployed. 

Current partnerships within the Volunteer Management Activity

Beyond Project Partnerships, The Centre is also partnering with an extensive number of organisations in the design and delivery of online best-practice volunteer management tools, training, resources and support.  Partnerships include: 

About Project Partnerships Program 2023-24 

Applications for the Project Partnerships 2023-24 round have now closed.

Partners will be added to the website when this information is available.

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This project is funded by the Department of Social Services through the Volunteer Management Activity.

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