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How to Volunteer: The Centre for Volunteering has created a practical 4-step guide to aid new and returning volunteers in finding an appropriate role.

This guide is full of useful tips, tools and resources on how to volunteer. It’s aim is to illustrate the best way forward to ensure a smooth and rewarding volunteering experience.

1. Attend a free introductory workshop (optional)

Our free introductory workshop, Bridge to Volunteering, covers all the fundamental basics, including the benefits, rights and responsibilities of volunteers and organisations. It is held on Fridays from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Bookings are essential.

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2. a) Browse available roles

Search for volunteer opportunities in your local area, adapted to your interests and availability using our find a position search engine.

If you’re looking to narrow your search, browse:

  • Skilled volunteer opportunities
    Leverage your existing skills and experience. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive a weekly round-up.
  • Special event volunteer opportunities
    From sporting events to art festivals, align your interests with a worthy cause. You can also stay in the loop with our newsletter to receive a weekly round-up.

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2. b) Seek out support

If you would like help in finding a suitable volunteer opportunity, we can support you.

Contact our friendly and experienced team who can guide you through where to look, how to apply and more.

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3. Apply for the role

Once you have identified a suitable volunteer vacancy, send your application to the organisation, with your personal details, relevant skills and experience as described in the position description. Please note some volunteer vacancies will have a number of applicants.

4. Grow your skills (optional)

If you’re looking to further build your skills and develop confidence, you may wish to complete a nationally recognised accredited training in volunteering.

Learn more about Nationally Recognised Training

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