Some Centrelink clients may be eligible to elect to volunteer to meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements. An individual’s eligibility to volunteer as part of their activity requirements will depend on that particular individual’s Mutual Obligation Requirements.   The implications of this for Volunteer Involving Organisations who are not-for profit organisations are as follows:

  • Centrelink clients can choose to volunteer at a particular not-for-profit organisation, as part of their activity requirement, provided that organisation is on Centrelink’s ‘approved list’.
  • Any organisation wishing to have eligible Centrelink volunteers for their volunteer programs, must register with Centrelink. An organisation will be listed on the ‘approved list’ after registration. Organisations wishing to register should complete the SU461 form.

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For more information on Mutual Obligation Requirements and who has mutual obligation requirements visit the Mutual Obligation Requirements page on the Department of Social Services website.

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4 Replies to “Volunteers and Centrelink”

  1. I studied Community Services and interested in volunteer jobs at Northern Beaches suburbs Sydney

  2. I am soon to finish certificate IV in legal services. Please let know the approved voluntary organizations in IPSWICH and BRISBANE where i can take voluntary jobs.

  3. Is the Zooniverse volunteer program on the approved list, or how do I find out if they are?

  4. I have completed Advanced Diploma in Community sector Managment also have a Masters in Social Science Doctorate in Theology looking for any volunteer positions i am multilingual in Persian, Farsi, Hazaragy, Pushto, Urdo and Hindi
    Please let me know if you have any openings for volunteer work

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