Museums and Galleries NSW is now accepting applications for two grants from the Volunteer Museum Grant Program for 2020.

These grants are designed to provide assistance to volunteer community museums and Aboriginal Keeping Places in NSW.

Funded by the NSW Government through Create NSW and administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW, the program is designed to provide access to funding, in addition to providing experience in the grant application process.

Priority will be given to applications with a focus on disaster preparedness or recovery, particularly in relation to COVID-19 and bushfires.

Grants available

Small Grants – Up to $2,000

Small Grants are for short-term, collection-based projects. There are no set categories for funding and applications for a broad range of projects will be considered.

Project Development Grants – $2,500 – $7,500
Project Development Grants allow community museums and keeping places to carry out strategic and innovative projects with mid to long term outcomes. The grants can also provide an opportunity to work productively with an appropriate museums and/or arts consultant as a skill development opportunity.

All applications close 13 September 2020.

For more information about the Volunteer Museum Grants program contact our Museums and Collections Coordinator on 0407 263 463 or

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