Bennelong Foundation is taking expressions of interest for grants, with funding priority being given to projects that directly address recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This may include employment projects and projects that aim to address educational gaps as a result of remote schooling.

The Foundation strives to support causes, organisations and projects that possess the following principles and/or criteria:

  • Innovation and proactivity: We seek to support programs that respond to an identified area of need in the community that are presently not being addressed, or that take a new approach to problem solving. Ideally, such programs, if successful, should be able to be replicated in other locations or contexts.
  • Change not charity: A focus on prevention is one of our main criteria. We endeavour to fund projects that address the causes of problems, rather than treat the symptoms.  Longevity and sustainability – we support projects and programs that will continue to have an impact over the long term and beyond our period of support. We also encourage programs that are able to become financially self-sustaining.
  •  Project-based and goal-orientated: The programs that we choose to fund must have strong and identifiable outcomes and key performance indicators over both the short and long term.
  • Partnerships: To maximise the impact of our grants, we look towards organisations that are able to combine our funding with other sources. The ability to leverage financial support from other trusts, foundations, governments, businesses and volunteers is seen as an important criteria.  Administration – we look to make grants to organisations that have low administration costs and solid and proven administrative backing. Organisations with a strong volunteer program are also highly regarded.
  • Bennelong Foundation involvement: We try to support organisations that have the capacity to allow our staff to become involved in their organisation/projects, should they choose.
  • Low government or institutional support: Our preference is to assist organisations that receive little or no government funding and are not currently the benefactor of substantial philanthropic support.

Whilst the Bennelong Foundation has a number of areas of interest, generally, it strives to support causes, organisations, and projects that possess certain principles and/or criteria. Grant Seekers, before you start, we recommend conducting a self-check by carefully considering if your project aligns with our primary focus areas and meets our funding criteria.

Program funding areas include:

1. Education Training and Employment: Programs providing access, equity and inclusion opportunities to Education and Training or that support and build Pathways to Sustainable Employment. 

2. Community Health and Wellbeing: To assist organisations that conduct programmes with the express purpose of improving the physical health, nutrition, and well-being of the Australian community.

Target Communities:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • People with a refugee background, newly arrived migrants and culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • Communities/groups experiencing socio-economic disadvantage ​​

Types of Grants:

1. Maintain grant: Supporting established and high impact programs continue to deliver.

2. Grow grant: Supporting the growth or sustainability of an organisation, program or project. This may include requests to expand current programs, initiate new programs or programs that assist with growing need for the services your organisation provides.

3. Innovate grant: Large multi-year grants for new projects – by invitation only.

Step 1 in the application is a submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI). Step 2 is an invited application for shortlisted submissions.

The Foundation is only able to accept applications from organisations which carry Deductible Gift Recipient Status, Item 1 of Section 30-15 from Australian Taxation Office.

EOI closes: 31 July 2020

For more information or to apply for a grant please see the Bennelong Foundation website.