In March 2020, as the potential COVID-19 impacts for the social sector began to unfold, the Xfactor Collective realised that it pandemic was likely to have a profound impact on the social sector. In May 2020 a wide range of social sector organisations across Australia participated in a survey conducted to establish the impact of COVID-19 on the social sector and where organisations needed help.

Over September and October 2020  Xfactor Collective in collaboration with its partners conducted the second interval of the survey.

The Program involved free resources and advice, delivered via live broadcasts to provide the organisations that do so much to support our society with the support they needed to survive the pandemic. The topics for each session were informed by the insights from the RESET 2020 National Impact+Need Research Study 2020.

The RESET 2020 National Impact+Need Research Study revealed some of the impacts of COVID-19 and the changing needs of the social sector. The research study report covers measures across the direct impacts, such as wellbeing, financial and volunteering. It also reports on the support that organisations would find most valuable, including government, staff and volunteers, operational and strategic.

Read more: For a snapshot of the findings, and to download the report click here.