Maintaining your health and well-being during change

Humans are amazingly resilient. We are consistently
changing and yet some people cope with change much better than others. Why is
it that some sail through change easily and unscathed and other don’t? And what
happens to those who don’t? 

This session will explore ways that we can focus on
our own well-being and that of others whilst transitioning through both
professional and personal change, whether it be large or small. 

Louise Geoghegan, Co-Founder at FOLD7, will share some research-based tools and tips to help you focus on resilience and well-being, while bringing awareness to the reactions of change and our accompanying responses.


Louise Geoghegan’s expertise lies in Change Leadership and Change Management consulting.  She enables, supports and guides organisations through change by helping people flourish in spite of the intensity and challenge of change.  She is a co-founder of FOLD7, a small bespoke change consultancy that develops capability to help organisations respond to change impacting on their people.  Their mission is to disrupt the current state of change and make people the central focus in any change response. 

Louise has been consulting in the strategic change leadership and communication space for the past 10 years, working with boards, executive leadership teams, management teams and others.  With over 20 years’ experience in education, law and change leadership.  Louise works with all levels of management to execute firm-wide change and learning programs, and has become known as a trusted advisor to people at all levels within the organisation. 

A country girl at heart, Louise’s down-to-earth style comes through in everything she does.  Most of her spare time is spent cycling and researching where to find the best coffee in Sydney.