The Centre for Volunteering

Visit our team at The Centre for Volunteering stand to learn more about the 2019 NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards Program, Professional Development, benefits of becoming a member of The Centre and information on the Certificate courses available through the School of Volunteer Management.

Communiteer – Building an inclusive community of volunteers, volunteer managers, organisations and corporates at scale.

A recurring dilemma that volunteer managers face is the need to grow their volunteer pool whilst keeping the volunteers engaged at the same time in order for them to achieve the desirable social outcomes. Not having enough volunteers would limit an organisation’s ability to execute their plans and provide much needed services. But having more volunteers might dilute their experience and decrease the overall output without adequate increase in support and resources.  Communiteer has successfully tackled this dilemma through a crowdsourcing approach. By sharing purposeful content to raise awareness, building communities to connect like-minded people and organisations with one another, and streamlining the steps involved for individuals to take action towards a cause they care about, we have built an inclusive community that can be scaled up using existing resources.

Department of Family and Community Services & Seek Volunteer – Working together makes a difference!

Community Services has carriage of the NSW Government’s Volunteering Strategy 2016-2020. Kellie May as Manager of Volunteering and Youth is responsible for the Strategy’s day to day implementation. Kellie has worked with volunteer involving organisations for many years and brings that experience to the implementation of the Strategy and its initiatives.  SEEK Volunteer is Australia’s largest online recruitment platform.  For 19 years SEEK Volunteer has been supporting the volunteering sector and using its digital expertise to connect people to volunteer opportunities.  Rebecca Miller is the Head of SEEK Volunteer and is responsible for developing and executing the strategic plan, ensuring SEEK Volunteer is delivering maximum impact for volunteer-involving organisations, volunteers and the wider community.

Justice Connect – Making the law work for good.

Are you stressed out by the ins and outs of running a community group? We can help.  From signing important contracts to understanding board duties, and managing the differences between volunteers, employees and contractors, our lawyers are here to help answer your trickiest questions.

Office of the Children’s Guardian – We all want our children to be safe and we each have a part to play in achieving this. Learn how to make the organisations you volunteer for child-safe by creating a culture of child safety in the things you do every day.

The Office of the Children’s Guardian promotes child safe practices and educates and regulates organisations and people who provide services to children in NSW. The Office of the Children’s Guardian has recently completed public consultation on how best to implement a key recommendation of the Royal Commission, which is to require organisations working with children to be ‘child safe’ by meeting ten child safe standards. We know that child-related organisations vary in size, nature and characteristics, and therefore the way that they are able to implement child safe standards will also vary. We want to regulate flexibly, and you’ll be supported with resources to help get ready for, and implement, the Child Safe Standards in NSW.