What is the Olympics Legacy for the Volunteering sector?

Higher education facilities across the world study the impact of the Olympics on local volunteering efforts The Centre for Volunteering was pleased to take ... more

Men and women - how do we compare across social issues?

How do to the genders compare across social issues in Australia? The Australian Bureau of Statistics (or ABS) released on August 31 the Economic Security, Educat... more

Young People as Volunteers: A guide to moving beyond traditional practices

In 2011 Volunteer Queensland produced a report on youth volunteering entitled ‘Young People as Volunteers: A guide to moving beyond traditional practices’. In ... more

Anti-discrimination Legislation Report

October 2011 The NSW Government is developing a NSW Volunteering Strategy. As part of the process, the Government is considering amending the Anti-Discrimination ... more

Skilled Diversity Project Final Report - 2011

The Highly Skilled Culturally Diverse (HS CD) Volunteer Utilisation project was titled ‘Skilled Diversity’ to assist in promotional activities and to make it ... more

Corporate volunteering: Connecting People, Participation & Performance

The purpose of this report was to assess the factors that contribute to participation in corporate volunteering and to employee engagement. This research was ... more

Highly Skilled Volunteers and Cultural Diversity (2008)

Engaging skilled, culturally diverse people via volunteering The Centre for Volunteering has been running a series of projects focussed on people who are skilled, ... more

Reimbursement and Value of Volunteer Effort

Reimbursement and Value of Volunteer Effort Research Report This report examines reimbursement of volunteers for their out-of-pocket expenses, as well as ... more

Governance of NSW NFP Organisations Research Report

In 2008, The Centre for Volunteering evaluated the issue of optimal board size for Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisations. This evaluation and subsequent discus... more

Critical Success Factors of Employee Volunteering Programs Research Report

The Centre for Volunteering investigated best practice into how corporate Employee Volunteering Programs (EVPs) successfully connect with small-to-medium ... more