The Centre for Volunteering is committed to promoting and supporting youth volunteering in NSW.

We can help you find a role with our Volunteer Referral Service.

The Centre for Volunteering runs a Volunteer Referral Service (VRS) which helps volunteers find a volunteer role. This consists of a telephone chat of around 15 minutes about volunteering, your interests, skills, motivations for volunteering and availability. We take this information and try to match you with volunteer opportunities that suit you.

If you are under 18 years old it can sometimes be harder to find volunteer work. This is sometimes the case as volunteer organisations do not have volunteer insurance which covers people under 18. The VRS will work with you to try and find a role that is suitable.

To have an interview with our helpful VRS volunteers call us on 02 9261 3600 or complete the online registration form.

Certificate of Active Volunteering I and II

The Certificate of Active Volunteering I and II, also known as CHC 14015 and CHC 24015, are nationally recognised qualifications. Students engaged in volunteering activities can participate in the Certificate of Active Volunteering courses. This registered on-the-job training enables volunteers to effectively participate in an organisation and undertake their volunteer work using practical skills required for the role.

For more information on these courses, please contact us at

Max Potential Program (High School Students)

The Max Potential project offers 22 weeks of personal leadership development. The program includes coaching to young leaders from schools and the community, to help them maximise their potential during the final years at school, and beyond. It also encourages students to focus on the local community and ways that they can work to improve it.

Participants can gain a qualification that provides a pathway to other vocational qualifications and improve their employability skills. In partnership with The School of Volunteer Management, the Max Potential Program offers young adults the opportunity to achieve the Certificate 1 in Active Volunteering. This is a nationally recognised qualification from the Community Services Training Package CHC08 that provides volunteers with the skills to meet the specific needs of the not-for-profit sector.

For more information go to the Max Potential website.