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Tahera is a successful tax agent, business coach and business advisor with over 20 years of experience. She is a fierce advocate for woman, a prominent leader of the Afghan community, and an inspirational public speaker.  

She boasts a Diploma of Arts, an Advance Diploma in accounting, and completed her Bachelor’s in Business and Commerce (majoring in accounts) at University of Western Sydney in 2012. 

Some of Tahera’s most notable accolades include her appointment as a female representative at UNICEF Afghanistan, her stint as a Peace Ambassador for International Women Peace Group, her work as a writer for Foreign Policy Blog in USA, and her role in supporting 500 refugees through her organisation, the Afghan Peace Foundation.

Originally from Afghanistan, Tahera began her career with United Nations, NGO and humanitarian organisations. 

In 1996, Tahera joined Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF) Belgium and Holland as a Financial Controller/ Executive Assistant. In 2002, she joined UNICEF (United Nations Children International Emergency Fund) Pakistan and Afghanistan. During this time, she was appointed as a leader to run many empowerment projects, encouraging women to startup businesses from scratch by providing business plans, supervision and support. Tahera was also the project advisor in the vaccination department with both UNICEF Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Following this, she joined the Department for International Development – UK, where she worked closely with the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan with a goal to reduce level of poverty across the country. 

After moving to Australia, Tahera joined the office of Fair Trading as Customer Service Officer. She also worked with Roots Project Australia, Lindsay Taylor Lawyers and Sargent Security Group as an Accountant and Office Administrator.

In 2001, she established her “Voice of Afghanistan” blog during which she began writing about her experience and life in Afghanistan. Following this, she was approached by Foreign Policy Association to work as a writer for their social platform.

Fuelled by a desire to expand into the corporate sector, she established her own private tax firm, T & R Accountants Pty Ltd, in 2009. She continues to manage over 5,000 clients across many industries including construction, childcare, retail, health, disability, import and export, and finance.

Seeing a gap in the sector, in 2019 Tahera established her charity, the Afghan Peace Foundation to help women in business, offering her services on a volunteer basis. Through this organisation, she has run many educational programs and fundraising events, including (to name a few):

  • Women around the table (Stop violence against women)
  • Fundraising Event for reconstruction of girl’s school in Afghanistan
  • Fundraising campaign – Walk for breast cancer
  • Welcome party for refugees
  • Settlement programs for newly arrived refugees

In 2021, Tahera was selected as one of the top businesswomen in parramatta who made their marks in business. Currently, she is focusing on a refugees’ employment and settlement project, through which she has secured many positions for refugees to kickstart their career and life in Australia.

Tahera’s recent project, Afghan Park, seeks to provide a permanent community centre for Afghans, bringing official recognition of Afghanistan New Year into Cumberland Council. This has been given the green light through the support of Councilor Steve Christou, as well as an installation of an Afghanistan map into one of the Cumberland parks.

Tahera is a member of professional Association – IPA (Institute of Public Accountants), Registered member of Tax Practitioner board with individual and Master license, governed by Australian taxation office (ATO) and is also an Australian Security & Investment Commission (ASIC) registered Agent. Tahera also is the founder of Afghan Professional Group social platform.

She currently lives as a single mother of two children, aged 8 and 11.


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