Our Volunteer Referral Service (VRS) is staffed by highly experienced interviewers and we will undertake the first stage of the volunteer referral process for your organisation.

The most time-consuming issues that members encounter when conducting internal volunteer recruitment are the number of unsuitable and unqualified people who apply, and the time needed to review applications and perform first-round interviews. This is where we can help.

Let us know what volunteer jobs you need filled by completing the online Volunteer Job Advertisement Form. Please fill out a new form for each new job, make sure that your organisation’s insurances are up to date and that you have good processes in place to respond to potential volunteer enquiries.

Please find below further information about the VRS – volunteer referral process:

  1. Where The Centre advertises
    We advertise your volunteer job/s in our jobs database and on NSW Volunteering portal and Seek Volunteer to ensure maximum exposure of your volunteer jobs.
  2. Referring volunteers
    We interview people when they express interest in your volunteer job/s and refer suitable volunteers for each volunteer position listed with the VRS. Please note that the more information that you provide on your job description, the better our referrals will be. We then refer individuals to your organisation via an email to the contact person for each volunteer role and the email provides brief contact details (full name, phone number and email address) and the position they are interested in.
  3. Your organisation is responsible for following up and contacting prospective volunteers
    It is the organisation’s responsibility to make contact with the potential volunteer/s in order to confirm the volunteer’s interest and provide extra details about the volunteer job. Please respond to all enquiries you receive from potential volunteers. Even if the position is filled, please let them know of the current status – perhaps you may have another position that they may want to volunteer for.
  4. When a volunteer position has been filled
    As soon as each of your volunteer jobs has been filled, you need to let us know so we can suspend the job from our system. (Otherwise, we will keep referring volunteers to you and this will often disappoint the potential volunteer – let them know that they can contact the VRS again for another interview).
  5. Changes to your volunteer manager’s contact details
    You need to advise us of any change to your contact details, such as phone/fax number, email, address and names of any new contact staff. Then we can update this information in our database and give the right information to the prospective volunteers.
  6. Visiting The Centre
    You are welcome to visit The Centre, where we can demonstrate how the volunteer referral service operates.
  7. Sending us feedback
    We will monitor any suggestions you have to help us improve our services.
  8. Find out more
    Read about our other member benefits and services or phone The Centre for Volunteering on 02 9261 3600 for more information.

Tips for using the VRS – May 2014 (PDF 330kb)