The Value of Volunteering calculator is a great tool for volunteer involving organisations.

You can enter the total volunteer hours and any other expenditure in your volunteer program to estimate the value and impact your volunteer program has on your community.

The calculator allows your volunteer involving organisations to provide best practice evidence around the value of your volunteer program.

You could incorporate the findings into reports or funding applications, or use the results to inform strategic planning.

How does the Value of Volunteering Calculator assess ‘value’?

The calculator uses a cost benefit analysis to give an overall value of your volunteer program.

How is a Cost Benefit Analysis different to a Cost Replacement Analysis?

This calculator differs from other methods of valuing volunteering which use a Cost Replacement analysis.

Cost Replacement analysis is essentially a wage replacement calculation where volunteer hours are multiplied by a set hourly rate. The total number of volunteer hours are then used to reach an overall cost of volunteer.

Counting hours under a Cost Replacement method doesn’t show the social and economic impact of volunteer work. What it costs to replace a volunteer is not the same as a volunteer’s value.

The Cost Benefit model used in this calculator doesn’t just analyse what a volunteer program ‘saves’. It examines the overall economic, social and cultural benefits a community gains from that volunteer program.

Using the Calculator

Enter the number of hours all volunteers work in your organisation by age cohort. If you are unsure of a volunteer’s age, enter their hours in the relevant “all ages” row.


The replacement cost of a volunteer is calculated using the average hourly part-time wage of a person of their age in their State of residence, plus 15% employer on-costs (inclusive of superannuation, payroll tax and administration expenses)

Value of Volunteering Calculator:

How are you estimating volunteer hours?
15 to 25 years
25 to 34 years
35 to 44 years
45 to 54 years
55 to 64 years
65 and over
All ages
Annual volunteer replacement cost: $0