About the Activity

From 1 July 2021, the Australian Government commenced the distribution of up to $33.5 million (excluding GST) over five years under the new Volunteer Management Activity (VMA) to Volunteering Peak Bodies across Australia. Peak bodies will partner with other services to develop and support the new VMA program to increase and strengthen volunteer participation.

The new five year model will focus on developing and implementing strategies to build the capacity of volunteer-involving organisations.

The Volunteer Management Activity is designed to increase opportunities for people to participate in the social and economic life of their broader community through volunteering.

Through the VMA, the Commonwealth government has funded volunteering peak bodies to:

  1. Deliver online services to build the capacity of volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) including:
    • Best practice recruitment and training of volunteers;
    • Best practice strategies for supporting and retaining volunteers;
    • Best practice volunteer management; and;
    • Provision of information, tools, training and resources including regulatory obligations and risk management.

  1. Break down barriers to volunteering for the three identified priority groups:
    • People living with disability;
    • First Nations People;
    • Newly Arrived Migrants

Successful delivery of this program will be measured through:

  • Increased opportunities to participate and the reduction of barriers that prevent the inclusion of volunteers from identified backgrounds.
  • High quality and accessible volunteering based on the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.
  • Improved accessibility and range of quality Volunteer Management products and services across each jurisdiction.

To learn more you can download the following factsheets:

For further information on the VMA program, visit the Department of Social Services website here.

You can also access Volunteer Management Activity FAQ information here.

Further questions?  Email VMA@volunteering.com.au