What is Volunteer Timebanking?

Timebanking is a network of people who sign up to volunteer their services on a reciprocal basis. Once a volunteer registers on the Timebanking website, they can bank their hours volunteered and exchange them for services which are offered by other Timebanking members.

If a volunteer doesn’t want to make use of other services offered and redeem their ‘credits’, they can donate their unused hours to benefit the community. That way they are actually giving the community two hours of their time for every one hour they volunteer!

How are services offered or exchanged?

As Timebanking members your volunteers will have access to the ‘offers’ other people list and will be able to list their own offers. If they see a service they wish to take advantage of they can contact the person offering the service through the Timebanking website. Once the task is completed they log the hours on the website.  The web system will then complete the exchange of time between the members.

What sort of services do people offer?

There are a wide variety of services offered including gardening, window cleaning, painting, dog walking, cooking, car washing and many specialised skills.

How can your organisation join Timebanking?

The Centre for Volunteering is keen to help our members to join the program, which is free of charge to everyone.

Organisations wishing to join just need to register at https://timebanking.com.au.  Once joined, all your volunteers can join the program by banking the hours they volunteer for your organisation, and exchange them for any services offered through the website by other volunteers. If they do not wish to use all their hours they are able to donate them to their local community which will directly assist others to use volunteer services which are needed.

Important note – Terms and Conditions:

As Timebanking is an agreement between the individual members of the program, there are Terms and Conditions which should be carefully read and understood prior to joining the program. We advise that you ensure that your volunteers fully understand these before they agree to join.

The core values of Timebanking

The core values are:

  • Everyone has something to contribute
  • Work extends beyond the workplace
  • Reciprocity – helping each other strengthens the community
  • Social Capital – building strong networks relationships and communities
  • Respect – fosters mutual respect within communities.


For more information about visit the Timebanking website.