The Centre for Volunteering pairs thousands of volunteers with charities and not-for-profits. Here is the story of the impact of a single volunteer, Julianne, on one organisation, as told by Brendan Lonergan, Chief Executive Officer of Beehive Industries Co-Operative Ltd.

“We, the not-for-profit social enterprise Beehive Industries Co-operative, decided to hold a special event to celebrate 45 years of supporting seniors and persons with disability.

“We set about creating a special document outlining the journey over the first 45 years. After weeks going through our archives and those of the City of Sydney, we amassed a huge array of photos and documents, yet had no one on staff with the ability to pull it all together in time for the anniversary.

“Luckily we reached out to The Centre for Volunteering with a call for help.  The very efficient team at The Centre helped Beehive Industries scope out the project and put together a volunteer brief.

Realising the urgency of the project – the 45th celebration was just 5 weeks away – The Centre highlighted this project in the Sydney Morning Herald. Within a day we got a call from graduate student – Julianne who was looking for experience in graphic design. A perfect fit!

We gave Julianne all of the materials we had collected, a project brief, and an open ticket to design a history document as she saw fit. It was decided that an eBook would work best for us as a not-for-profit, as it was low cost, easy to share, and could be easily added to as the Beehive Industries story continues.

In just 4 weeks from walking in the door at Beehive Industries, Julianne had the eBook ready with just hours to spare, before it was launched by the Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney Irene Doutney, at a special event to celebrate Beehive Industries’ 45 years of support to Sydney seniors, persons living with disability and the long term unemployed.

A very impressive result that would not have been possible without the support of an amazing volunteer Julianne and the Centre for Volunteering!

You can view the eBook here.

To find out more about the Beehive Industries Co-Operative, please visit the website or Facebook page.

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