Manage volunteers? VIRA can help!

What is VIRA? Quite simply put, VIRA is a volunteer management software and database of volunteers. Built by volunteer co-ordinators, for volunteer co-ordinators, VIRA simplifies and streamlines every facet of volunteer management from recruitment and administration, to mobilisation, reporting and enhancing […]


Free Volunteer Resources

Justice Connect have release two new free interactive volunteer resources online resources to help you make sure you’re complying with your obligations when recruiting and working with your volunteers.  Recruiting Volunteers E-Learning Module The new e-learning module includes interactive activities, […]

Working with Volunteers App

Not-for-profit Law has developed a Working with Volunteers app to complement the National Volunteer Guide and the National Volunteer Webinars. This app is designed for use by any incorporated not-for-profit organisation that engages volunteers, or plans to engage volunteers. It […]

Volunteers and Tax

Understand how honorariums and reimbursements apply for volunteers and the organisations employing them. Honorariums, reimbursements and allowances This page sets out the views of the Commissioner of Taxation on how honorariums and reimbursements apply to PAYG withholdings for volunteers and […]

Myer Innovation Fellowships

Recruit Volunteers

Recruit volunteers – Planning Only commence a recruitment drive after the program has been planned and has the support of all staff. Ensure that dates for advertising and interviews, for example, are agreed by all involved. To recruit volunteers and […]