The Australian Institute of Family Studies is hosting a FREE webinar to discuss how service organisations can work with Aboriginal communities to increase accessibility for First Nations families through a collaborative community approach.

In Australia, there is a large gap between the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander infants, children and parents in mandated services (such as child protection) and these families’ use of voluntary community support services.

In this webinar, two of the presenters will discuss their extensive work with non-Aboriginal services and Aboriginal communities to find ways to address this gap. They have worked to increase trust through culturally competent practices that acknowledge the history of social, political and institutional marginalisation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. A third presenter will discuss her experience as a non-Aboriginal manager working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in a non-Aboriginal organisation.

The presenters will explore the practical implementation of collaboration with Aboriginal communities and how this sits alongside traditional therapeutic approaches in non-Aboriginal services to deliver positive outcomes, particularly for infant and child mental health.

Read more and register here for the webinar on July 9 from 13:00 to 14:00 AEST.