National Disability Services (NDS) State of the Disability Sector Report 2018

The National Disability Services (NDS) published the State of the Disability Sector Report, examining the intricate and challenging sector reforms. Evidently the sector is facing challenges, however disability service providers remain dedicated to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). However, a significant majority, at 73 per cent, firmly believe that its systems and processes require immediate enhancements. Other challenges include policy uncertainty, unrealistic pricing and costly red tape which is driving up the cost of doing business.

This year’s report stem from the Annual Market Survey, independently carried out by the University of New South Wales’ Centre for Social Impact. This year, 626 nationwide disability service providers, varying in size, discussed their sector’s successes and challenges amid significant change.

Key findings of the State of Disability Sector Report

  • Providers maintain their NDIS support and commitment to perfecting it – approximately 50% concur that policy reforms are on the right track; 25% are uncertain, while 27% disagree.
  • NDIS systems and processes continue to be a source of frustration – almost three in four service providers state the NDIS systems and processes are not working well
  • Nertheless, the operating environment continues to be challenging. Owing to these challenges, 13% of service providers weighed shutting down in the past year, a 4% rise since 2017.
  • Workforce challenges remain top of mind – 63% found it difficult to recruit disability support workers (up from 42% in 2017); and over 70% said that recruiting allied health workers was extremely or moderately difficult
  • Adjusting NDIS pricing is a priority – 70% worry that they will not be able to provide NDIS services at NDIS prices and 54% say they would have to reduce the quality of services to meet current prices

Despite concerns, the NDIS continues to receive unwavering support from disability service providers. Furthermore, the percentage of providers who feel that the NDIA collaborates effectively with the sector has increased, rising 7% from the previous year. Encouraging signs suggest that we can actively address the current NDIS issues to guarantee the best possible Scheme.

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