What are the Sheargold Foundation Grants

The foundation makes grants across a range of charitable activities. Our grants are made in two ways:

  1. In response to applications and/or an expression-of-interest.
  2. In response to a need or opportunity pro-actively identified by the Foundation’s Board.

Below are the steps that a prospective grant applicant should follow:

  • Review the information about the Sheargold Foundation found on the website
  • Determine, as best you can, if your organisation and project may likely qualify for a grant.
  • If you think your organisation will qualify, complete the online grant application form being sure to follow the guidelines (including proof of being an item 1 DGR ie: provide copy of DGR endorsement).
  • Email your completed application form to foundation@sheargoldgroup.com or post it to us at P.O BOX 6423, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
  • Wait to be notified by the foundation of our decision to proceed further or our request for you to provide additional information regarding the grant application.

Sheargold Foundation Grants Selection Process

Once the application process has been formally and practically evaluated, the board will ensure it has all the facts needed and then compare it against others it is processing. Once a decision has been made successful grant applicants will be notified.


The Sheargold Foundation looks to support programs that meet it’s Mission and Vision.

Eligibility of Your Organisation

Under the terms of the deed of the Foundation and Australian taxation laws, the former can only make grants to organisations with both Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 and Tax Concession Charity (TCC) status.

DGR requirements:

  • Organisations must be endorsed by the ATO as a DGR Item 1 or specifically named in Subdivision 30-B in the Income Tax Assessment Act1997 as being a DGR.
  • If an organisation uses more than one name (for example a legal name and a trading name), than any grant application must be made in the name, which holds the correct DGR status.
  • Some organisations hold DGR status only for just one fund or purpose. Application from such organisations must relate specifically to the fund or activities for which DGR status has been endorsed or approved.


Please complete the Application form for funding which you can download by clicking here.

Tips & Hints

  • Please write in clear consist way that easily conveys your message.
  • Ensure that your figures add up; please check all details before submitting.
  • Write in specific terms rather than generalisations. Make sure the application is fact based.
  • Word limits apply in all our applications

Who We Support

The Foundation aims to identify worthy charities that closely align with our purpose so we can partner to deliver real and effective change. We look to use the skills and experience of our Board members to assist those charities we support and as such do not always take a passive role in the support provided; looking instead for those that have strong direction and a driving desire to make a difference.

Our primary focus when assessing potential organisations is to carefully consider the potential impact of their concept, regardless of any shortfalls in capacity, skills or capability. We aim to overcome these challenges by providing assistance that will guarantee longer-term results.

For more information

Visit the Sheargold Foundation grants page here.