Meet Graham Toomey

We’re thrilled to kickstart our Share to Care series, spotlighting chats with outstanding volunteer leaders. First up is Graham Toomey.

Graham is a leading Aboriginal artist, designer and cultural consultant from the Wurrumunga Clan of the Wirajudri and Wongaibon Aboriginal Nations of Western NSW. You may recognise him from his involvement with projects like the 2022 Whale Tale project or from one of his many artworks, which you can find on his website

As the CEO of Gunawirra, Graham champions a community-led organisation that seeks to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through education, lifestyle, belonging through culture and more. 

He’s a keen supporter of The Centre, and we were delighted to recognise his efforts with Gunawirra. We honoured him with the 2021 Volunteer Team of the Year Award as a result of his outstanding efforts.

The Values of Volunteering

When it comes to volunteering, Graham Toomey speaks from the heart with genuine passion and commitment. In Chapter 1, he shares his 3 key values:

  1. Teamwork – “It’s a collaboration of people,” he says. Finding a great team is crucial to supporting your project or organisation.
  2. Community – Is Australia the lucky country? Graham firmly believes “it is, because of the people.” This love for his community shines in his art. Similarly, it’s echoed in his work at Gunawirra.
  3. Volunteers – Graham knows that “without the volunteers…we don’t get the job done” and places great importance on his team.

What is Share to Care?

The Share to Care series is a new initiative showcasing the real-life stories, insights and achievements of volunteer managers and community leaders. All participants have sought and received support from The Centre for Volunteering. Read on to find out more about the project.