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  • Community
    • Infrastructure Grants, open until Monday 21 August: for eligible community groups with projects that support local infrastrcutre.
    • Strengthening Rural Communities Grants, open until Thursday 31 August: for grassroots initiatives in small remote, rural and regional communities. Up to $10,000 available.
    • Future2 Make the Difference! Grants, open until Sunday 10 September: for eligible groups with community programs that support Australians in need. Up to $10,000 available.
    • Community Road Safety Grants, open until Tuesday 12 September: for community groups with small local projects promoting road safety. Up to $30,000 available.
  • Environment
    • WELA Giving Circle Small Grants Program, open until Thursday 31 August: for cutting edge projects led by women and/or gender-diverse people that support the environment. Up to $10,000 available (anticipated).
    • Visionary Grants Program, open until Friday 1 September: for not-for-profit organisations with early-stage programs that combat climate change. Up to $75,000 available.
  • Events
    • NSW Seniors Festive Grant Program, open until Friday 28 August: for local councils and not-for-profit organisations for community programs that support the health and engagement of Australians over 60 during the 2024 NSW Seniors Festival. Up to $10,000 available.
    • Veterans’ Health Week Funding, open until Tuesday 8 September: for ex-service and community organisations with Veterans’ Health Week events that include an educational component. Up to $720 available.

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  • Organisational Support
    • 2023-24 Volunteer Grants, open until Thursday 28 September: for not-for-profit or community organisations to support the efforts of their volunteers. Up to $5,000 available.
  •  Shelter

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