2023 NSW State of Volunteering Report

In 2021, we kicked off our very first report which gave us a deep dive into the volunteering sector in NSW. In this report, you will find insights into how volunteers work and engage. These findings can directly shape policy decisions and submissions seeking government support.

At The Centre, we are grateful for the participation by volunteers and volunteer managers in the first survey. In our first report, we discovered:

  • 75% of adults in NSW volunteer in some capacity, donating 1.5 billion hours of volunteering in 2020
  • Youth are truly making a splash in the volunteering world! In fact, 41% of organisations include youth aged 18-24, and 21% include those under 18.
  • Organisations face challenges with recruitment and retention, volunteer managment, access to funding, and governance
  • The economic benefit of volunteering in NSW is approx. $127 million

In July 2023, the survey welcomed all involved in volunteering or community participation. No matter your level or capacity, we wanted to hear from you! We were keen to hear from organisations involving volunteers. Are you working with people with disabilities? Based in regional or remote locations? Your insights mattered most.

We are eager to explore how the volunteer sector transformed significantly in the past three years.

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