Certificate I in Active Volunteering is a nationally recognised qualification from the Community Services Training Package designed especially for volunteers.

This qualification will enable participants to develop the foundation skills to effectively participate in the volunteer sector.

This includes:

  • What it means to be a volunteer
  • How to prepare and work as an effective volunteer
  • How to work safely ensuring your own health and safety and that of others
  • How to work respectfully with people from diverse social and cultural groups and situations
  • How to communicate in the workplace including gathering, conveying and receiving information and/or writing a variety of simple workplace texts
  • How to volunteer in particular environments, for example, aged care, disability support, hospitality, retail or sport.


This qualification reflects the role of entry level volunteer workers, where work takes place under direct, regular supervision within clearly defined guidelines.

To achieve this qualification, the candidate must have completed at least 20 hours of volunteer work as detailed in the Assessment Requirements of units of competency.

Units of Competency

The Certificate I in Active Volunteering comprises 5 units of competency – 3 core units and 2 elective units.

Core units:

Be an effective volunteer (CHCVOL001)
Work with diverse people (CHCDIV001)
Participate in workplace health and safety (HLTWHS001)

Elective Units:

Communicate in the workplace (BSBCMM201)
Write simple workplace information (FSKWTG06)


Participating in a vocational course like the Certificate I in Active Volunteering can assist you to:

  • obtain hands on experience
  • gain familiarity with how workplaces operate
  • develop employability skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving skills
  • provide evidence to future employers of your skills
  • develop or improve your interpersonal skills
  • explore potential career paths
  • gain entry into other vocational training programs,  eg Certificate II and III in Active Volunteering or Certificate I in Health Support Services
  • support your transition to higher education pathways.

Entry requirements:

  • a minimum of year 8 high school certificate or its equivalent recommended
  • written and verbal English skills at a level capable of accurately collecting, analysing and reporting information
  • to be organised and disciplined, this course will requiring 7-8 hours a week plus reading time to complete
  • the support of a workplace/volunteer organisation to complete a number of the required tasks
  • Organisations may require volunteers to undergo relevant background checks.
  • Additional entry requirements apply depending on mode of delivery.


The courses is delivered:

  1. By a combination of direct delivery and external preparation and assignment work (offered in partnership with organisations).
  2. Externally online by distance learning for individual applicants.  Materials will be accessed through an online portal, Moodle.
  3. By submitting a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application
  4. Face to face or blended delivery for custom groups – if you have a group of over 8 participants – contact the Centre for volunteering to discuss opportunities.

Schedule and Duration:

You will need to dedicate 7-8 hours per week to successfully complete this course.

It is expected that students will complete this certificate in 6 months.

Students are expected to complete on average 1 unit per month.   The course must be completed within 1 year of commencement.

They key to success with this study is to make a commitment and set a time each week to complete assignments.


Fees will vary depending on mode of delivery. Contact the School for Volunteer Management for more details.

Standard Fees:
Member Fee- $600 (20% discount)
Non-member Fee – $750  

The student fee is payable in full upfront of in instalments by arrangement.  Payment plans are available.  Contact the Centre for Volunteering to discuss.  See our Refund Policy

Assessment Requirements

To obtain the Certificate I in Active Volunteering you need to demonstrate the necessary skills required to effectively participate in the volunteer sector.

To show this you will need to complete ALL questions, activities and tasks provided satisfactorily. 

You will need to undertake volunteer work at a supportive organisation that can support you in the practice and demonstration of the practical skills required.

You will need to gather other evidence including Third Party Reports and record a minimum of 20 volunteer hours.

Assessment is the process that determines if enough evidence is available to demonstrate that you are competent and able to perform to the required standard. Before submitting your work for assessment please check you have completed all the questions and you are satisfied with your answers.

If any additional evidence is required SVM will contact you.  It is important you check regularly for feedback and respond promptly to any requests for further


Support is available to students.   If you require any additional assistance with your course, contact your coordinator directly, or call the SVM on 02 9261 3600.   While SVM will provide you with any assistance it can, ultimately it is your responsibility to contact SVM if you are having difficulties.

If you are unable to finish this course for any reason, you may be entitled to receive a Statement of Attainment for the units you have completed.

Credit for existing skills or qualifications:

If you have previously obtained units of competency that from part of this qualification from a registered Training Organisation, you will be able to obtain credit transfers for these units, and will not need to complete these again, and will recieve a proportional discount on the course fees payable.

Please contact us by phone on 02 9621 3600 or by email at svmadmin@volunteering.com.au if you have any questions and to obtain the full course outline.