This week, we had the pleasure of officially launching our NSW Multicultural Volunteering Report, a landmark piece of research which seeks to broaden the scope and recognition of community participation for all. 

Gathering in the iconic State Library premises, surrounded by historic articles that seemed all too fitting for this seminal moment, our distinguished guests could not have been more excited to hear from our amazing line of speakers. Uncle Michael West, Head of Community Development and Partnerships with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, kickstarted the launch with a heartfelt reminder of the need for genuine, meaningful change. Afterwards, our very own CEO Gemma Rygate spotlighted the importance of the report as formal evidence of the cultural importance of giving back which had been found to be deeply embedded in multicultural communities. 

Hearing from NSW Volunteer Leader of the Year and Founder of Turbans 4 Australia, Amar Singh, he called on us to see that no matter our differences, “we can find similarities”. Earnest and hopeful, he urged us to “be part of the change” and to embrace “the mateship, the connections, the value we bring to society” that volunteering offers.  

Paul Muller CPD, author of the report and co-founder of the Institute of Project Management, discussed the findings and the path ahead. With multicultural volunteering as under-researched as it has been, the NSW Multicultural Volunteering Report seeks to bridge this gap, while showcasing the widespread cultural humility and practice of volunteering in diverse communities. 

We at The Centre agree with Paul that is it “important to validate and celebrate and promote this importance to others”, as the impact of multicultural volunteering can be felt by all citizens.What lies ahead is a pathway towards broader research, a deeper understanding between communities, and ultimately a more diverse and inclusive space within the volunteering sector. We look forward to moving forward together. 

To learn more about the report, check out our upcoming event on Tuesday 28 February where you can hear from Paul Muller himself about the findings and what they mean for diversity. Alternatively, you can read the key findings or full report on our website.