Norm Hams – Volunteer Referral Service interviewer at The Centre for Volunteering

Why did you decide to volunteer?
During my working life I had a background in economics and human resources. Over the years, I volunteered with local schools and sporting events. Once I retired, I had more time available and was interested to find out what sort of opportunities were available to volunteers. I discovered The Centre for Volunteering and attended a Bridge to Volunteering session.

Why did you choose this particular role?
I was offered a volunteer interviewer’s position, interviewing prospective volunteers. Although I set out with the intention of trying different sorts of work, I realised that this was an area I was good at.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?
I enjoy working with fellow members of the team and the connection to other, ‘would-be’ volunteers. For those used to working every day before retirement, volunteering provides a structure to the week. It allows me to be involved in something bigger than myself and gives me a close connection to the wider community.