What is the NGO Capability Building Tool?

The NSW government has introduced a NGO Capability Building Tool to help NGO’s improve their capabilities around customer-centred approaches. Developed by the Department of Finance, Services, and Innovation, the tool aids NGOs in pinpointing areas for enhancement.

This resource allows organisations delivering human services to self-assess against 10 capabilities related to customer centred service delivery, providing organisations with:

  • a scorecard that shows their level of achievement for each capability
  • a single point of entry for free resources and training.

Organisations enhance their capabilities by leveraging the results they achieve using this tool. It allows organisations of all sizes, including those that are not subject to formal accreditation processes, to assess their capability and demonstrate their standard of performance.

Organisations can use the tool to promote organisational continuous improvement and innovation as it allows organisations of all sizes, to assess their capability and demonstrate their standard of performance. Following completion, organisations will receive a scorecard with links to free resources and training for self-directed learning.

In response to feedback from the NGO Benchmarking Model, NGOs and the NSW Government has developed this tool. This tool aims to support NGOs in delivering high-quality programs and driving innovation in the human services sector.

The tool is voluntary and confidential. It takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

Read more about the tool here.