What is the NFP Insurance Puzzle Helper?

It’s an online tool created for volunteering organisations and other NFPs, helping you choose and apply for relevant insurance cover and ensure that your organisation’s insurance health is up to scratch.

All organisations are unique and your insurance package should reflect this, for example, if you only need Public Liability insurance you shouldnbt need to take out Property Insurance cover too. The Insurance Puzzle Helper is here to help you identify what you need and just as important, what you don’t, through a simple online tool.

There are 6 key NFP Insurance cover options as below:

  • Protector Association Liability: Cover for your organisation’s directors, officers and bearers against legal obligation for actions arising from their duties.
  • Public and Product Liability: Protects your organisation if third parties suffer an injury or property damage as a result of your organisation’s activities.
  • Voluntary Workers Personal Accident: Volunteers of all ages will be covered if accidental injury or death occur whilst performing their duties.
  • Business Interruption: If you have to close your doors due to an unforeseen accident, such as a fire, this will cover loss of gross profit as a result of the incident.
  • Property and Crime: Cover for loss, theft or damage to items on or even off the premises.
  • Motor Vehicles:
  • Owned Motor Vehicles: Protecting your organisation’s vehicles (including leased)
  • Non-Owned Motor Vehicles: Covers loss of excess, no claim bonus and hire costs for vehicles not owned by your organisation (for example, those owned by volunteers) while being used on behalf of the organisation.