New South Wales Multicultural Volunteering Survey

The Centre for Volunteering, in partnership with the Department of Communities and Justice and Multicultural NSW, is excited to be producing the inaugural New South Wales Multicultural Volunteering Report.   

The Centre is dedicated to highlighting the diversity of volunteering which occurs across NSW. This report will provide valuable information from which the impact of volunteering practices within multicultural communities can be measured and recognised.    

Input from volunteers, volunteer-involving organisations and community members to the survey is essential and will assist in building awareness and celebrating the extensive contributions made through volunteering from these communities. 

If you are a member of multicultural community, live in NSW and volunteer we need your input! 

The NSW Multicultural Survey opens on Monday, 29 August. 

About the report 

The aim of this research is to highlight and celebrate all volunteering contributions from multicultural communities across New South Wales. This information will come directly from volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations from multicultural communities through the completion of a short 10-minute survey. 

The research focuses on showcasing the diversity of volunteering in NSW with data and insights which will assist with the delivery of the NSW Volunteering Strategy. This project follows on from the recently completed NSW State of Volunteering Report which demonstrated the social, cultural and economic contributions of volunteering to our state.  

A strong evidence base allows governments and organisations to make more informed decisions which better reflect the true state and impact of volunteering.  

The report will help to understand the characteristics of volunteers, volunteering and volunteer-involving organisations and assist the Centre in advocating for volunteering, particularly around the extensive support networks common within multicultural communities. 

Unsure if you are a volunteer?

The Centre acknowledges that the term ‘volunteering’ is not always accepted among multicultural communities. We recognise that practices of giving, helping and sharing within community are all forms of volunteering and continue to advocate for and promote these contributions. 

A volunteer is someone who assists their community. For example, you may 

  • cook for or drop off meals to others outside of your immediate family 
  • help friends or community members by looking after children  
  • be a mentor for younger community members 
  • give your time at your church, sporting clubs or local association  
  • or volunteer formally in an organisation like the CASS Care, a Multicultural Resource Centre or Meals on Wheels. 

If you help or give your time in your community, you are a volunteer. 

For the purpose of our report, we use the term ‘multicultural’ as relating to a number of different cultures, especially to the traditions of people of different backgrounds and religions.  

The NSW Multicultural Volunteering Report will be launched in December 2022  

Questions? Email or call 02 8295 7022.