Produced in partnership with Aunty Barbara O’Neil and Graham Toomey, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new series of First Nations resources.

As your Peak Body, we’re committed to an inclusive sector. To bring this to life, we’re collaborating with specialised Knowledge-Holders to develop and produce reliable resources that can support you to better engage with all volunteers, organisations and communities.

Launching next month on the Knowledge Base, these First Nations resources were developed through a co-design process with Aunty Barb and Graham (if you haven’t already watched our Share to Care episode with the CEO of Gunawirra – visit our website). The purpose of these resources is to ensure that non-Indigenous volunteer-involving organisations are well placed to understand, support, engage and build strong relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Communities. 

The resource topics include:

  • Building Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
  • Country
  • Culturally Important Dates and Events
  • Culture and Identity
  • Kinship and Connectedness
  • Trauma and Health

All resource topics and insights have been informed by both The Centre for Volunteering’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group and non-Indigenous members of the NSW volunteering sector. 


What is the Knowledge Base?

Supported by all the Peak Bodies across Australia, the Knowledge Base is a centralised, digital platform offering a comprehensive library of best-practice resources to support volunteers, volunteer managers, and volunteer-involving organisations.

Resources range from topical articles, e-learning guides, videos, templates, and discussion forums. These cover many common themes, challenges, and concerns in the sector, including inclusivity and diversity, recruitment and onboarding, leadership, change management, youth volunteering, and more.


Image credit: Salty Dingo Media 2023, photo taken on Wiradjuri Country (Griffith)