“Something for Everyone” with National Volunteer Week 2024

It’s National Volunteer Week 2024 and we are excited to celebrate volunteers with our supporters across New South Wales and beyond. We recognise the hard work and good will of volunteers, who are determined to make a difference every day.

This year’s theme, “Something for Everyone,” is inspired by the diversity of Volunteering, with various opportunities to give and receive support. There are so many ways to give back to community in a meaningful way.

We encourage you to get involved this National Volunteer Week 2024. Read on for more information:

The First Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week started in October 1978, when the first “Volunteers Week” was celebrated in Sydney. By 1984, it was being celebrated annually, with displays in Martin Place and Sydney Town Hall.

National Volunteer Week was established 5 years later, in 1989. Notably, it was also part of the celebrations for the 2001 International Year of Volunteers.

Now, it is an annual celebration of Volunteering, with participation from Volunteering Peak Bodies, Volunteer Involving Organisations and communities across Australia.

National Volunteer Week 2024 Resources

If you want to celebrate National Volunteer Week with us, we have numerous resources for Volunteers and Volunteer Leaders in New South Wales to get involved. You can:

Volunteer Leaders


More Ways to Get Involved

Check out the official National Volunteer Week 2024 page for events, merch, free assets to help spread the word, and more: https://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/get-involved/nvw/