The National Standards Volunteer Involvement Tool – an easy to use, online self-assessment.

In proud partnership with Breaking New Ground (BNG), we’ve developed an easy-to-use, online self-assessment tool, empowering you to meet the new National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.

This vital new resource measures your organisation’s performance in volunteer involvement, equipping you with the information you need to achieve best practice and secure your reputation as a great place to volunteer with. Ultimately, this will improve your ability to attract and retain volunteers.

The functions of this tool include:

  • Assessment of your organisation’s performance against the Standards.
  • Recommendations on how to achieve compliance with the Standards.
  • Automatically generated action plan for good practice.
  • Great workflow management tools, including a shared digital workspace, the ability to assign actions, and a weekly reminder system.
  • A number of resources to help run your organisation.

With the National Standards set to be revamped, it is more important than ever to stay informed and regularly check compliance. We are excited to be part of a project that supports you in meeting those needs – and meeting best practice standards.

This Project Partnership between The Centre for Volunteering and Breaking New Ground is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

Access the Tool Today

It only takes a few minutes to register for the tool. Click the link below, fill in your details, and enjoy full access to the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement Tool.


Learn more about our 2023-24 Project Partner on the Breaking New Ground website.

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