About the National Standards Refresh

The National Standards are a best practice framework to guide volunteer involvement. Informed by a sector wide consultation process conducted across each state and territory in 2023, the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement have been refreshed to ensure they are contemporary and inclusive of the diversity of volunteering and volunteers.

All volunteer-involving organisations and groups can implement the refreshed National Standards at any time. The state and territory Volunteering Peak Bodies are leading the implementation.

The Refreshed Standards for Volunteer Involvement

Revised under the National Standards Refresh, the new Standards are as follows:

  • Standard 1: Volunteering is embedded in leadership, governance and culture.
  • Standard 2: Volunteer participation is championed and modelled.
  • Standard 3: Volunteer roles are meaningful and tailored.
  • Standard 4: Recruitment is equitable and diversity is valued.
  • Standard 5: Volunteers are supported and developed.
  • Standard 6: Volunteer safety and wellbeing is protected.
  • Standard 7: Volunteers are recognised.
  • Standard 8: Volunteer policies and practices are continuously improved.

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