Multicultural NSW is offering project grants from $20,000 to $40,000.

Seeking to support projects that foster community harmony and celebrate diversity, the Multicultural NSW Stronger Together Grans Program is aimed at grassroots initiatives with lasting impact.

The Multicultural NSW Stronger Together Grants Program aims to support multicultural projects across NSW. We invest in community projects and activities that foster community harmony and celebrate cultural diversity as a precious part of our identity and way of life.

The program funds projects that can make a lasting positive impact on social cohesion and meet a community need at the grassroots level.

Applications must demonstrate how the project will link to Multicultural NSW’s 2021-2025 Strategic Priorities:

  • Language Services
    • Ensuring that language is not a barrier to information and that barriers are broken down between speakers of different languages.
    • That small, new and emerging communities have language support.
  • Sector Capability
    • Developing programs and services to meet the needs of culturally diverse communities.
    • Building resources that enhance leadership, engagement, communications, service delivery and planning capability for culturally diverse communities.
  • Community Resilience
    • Building and maintaining networks across the community that can solve respond to problems and actively support social cohesion.
  • Settlement
    • Establishing programs that help new arrivals to thrive in new locations.
  • A Shared Sense of Value
    • Building programs with strong intercultural and interfaith networks.

Applications must show how the Project meets a community need.

Eligibility & Exclusions
To be eligible for a Stronger Together Project grant, applicants must:

  • be a non-profit sharing organisation
  • be located within NSW
  • confirm past and current funding sources for the past three years have acquitted all prior grants
  • show how the project aligns with Multicultural NSW’s strategic plan
  • show how the project is meeting a community need
  • outline how the Project will measure outcomes
  • outline how the Project is cost effective and viable with an accurate budget
  • have all appropriate insurances and licences submit an application using Multicultural NSW SmartyGrants portal before the closing date
  • deliver the project within the delivery timeframe for the grant. This information is in the grant guidelines and application form
  • promote the Multicultural NSW and NSW Government funded project on their website and social media platforms
  • show co-contributions from applications towards the project.
  • It is unlikely that the project will be funded if there is no co-contribution confirm other funding sources that are contributing to the total project budget

Applications close 3pm Friday 7 July. Visit the Multicultural NSW website for more information.