The main function of The Centre for Volunteering’s Volunteer Referral Service (VRS) is to assist not-for-profit organisations in finding suitable, high-quality volunteers. The VRS team will work closely with you to better understand and meet your needs. Please feel free to contact the VRS to discuss this service with you.

Listing a volunteer job with the VRS?

Listing a volunteer vacancy with the VRS can be done online by submitting an online job description form.

When the VRS receives your job ad the information will be entered into the VRS database and advertised online where prospective volunteers can express interest in your job and register with the VRS.

Completing the job description form

In order to match the most suitable candidates to your job it is important that job descriptions are detailed enough to allow the VRS interviewers to fully understand the scope of your job. During an interview volunteers are informed of the main functions of the job and the skills required to perform the various tasks, as well as any specific requirements you may have.

A little extra time taken in defining your volunteer job description may result in significant time saving later. The VRS is available to discuss any special requirements you may have, as well as assist you with developing a job description.

Where will the volunteer job be advertised?

Volunteer roles will be advertised across multiple online platforms. These include the Centre for Volunteering’s website, SEEK Volunteer and the GoVolunteer website and App.

Potential volunteers are then able to apply with the VRS online and express interest in your position.

Skilled volunteer roles may also be advertised in the Sydney Morning Herald’s HelpDesk column appearing on Saturday and Monday.

How are volunteers matched to jobs?

Volunteers who telephone the VRS or who register online are entered into the VRS database and interviewed either face-to-face at The Centre’s office in The Rocks or by telephone by one of our interviewers. (All of the VRS interviewers are also volunteers).

The interviewer will use the information collected during the interview, such as interests, type of volunteer work sought, availability and location requirements, in addition to the information given when the potential volunteer registered, to search the database for suitable jobs.

Please note that this interview is a preliminary screening process designed to ascertain the volunteer’s needs, experience and skills in order to determine if they are suitable to refer to you.

The VRS does not conduct in-depth discussions on the volunteer’s qualifications and previous job experience or resume, and feel this is more appropriate to be done at the time of interview with the organisation.

Receiving a volunteer referral

When an interviewer feels that a candidate has met the basic criteria of your job, they will refer the volunteer to you. The interviewer will send you an email providing the name and contact numbers for the prospective volunteer. The volunteer is also asked to contact you directly to make a suitable time for an interview.

What is expected of an organisation?

The VRS team does its best to promote your volunteer positions and when successful, the potential volunteers are often very keen to make contact with you. As part of your volunteer management (best practice) please return calls from prospective volunteers, and/or let them know the status of their application.

Unfortunately, the VRS team knows from experience, that failure to do so in a timely manner may have adverse outcomes and even deter them from volunteering in the future.

When a job is filled

Please advise the VRS when your volunteer job has been filled so it can be removed from the database and the websites to ensure no more candidates are referred to you.

More information

Please feel free to phone the Volunteer Referral Service Coordinator on 02 9261 3600 to discuss any special requirements or for any assistance you may need.

The Volunteer Referral Service (VRS) assists not-for-profit organisations in finding suitable, high-quality volunteers.