Code of Practice for Volunteer Involving Organisations

What is an Intern, a Volunteer and an Employee?

Using the Value of Volunteering Calculator for Volunteer Involving Organisations (Credit to Volunteering Tasmania)

Template: Note Taking Guide for National Standards for Volunteer Involvement Progress

Tip Sheet: Volunteer Recognition and Reward

Guide to Using The Centre for Volunteering’s Volunteer Referral Service (VRS)

Volunteer Involving Organisations FAQs

Sample: Volunteer Handbook

Template: Volunteer Attendance Register

Information Sheet: Volunteering on a Visa

Template: Events Volunteer Information Sheet

Sample: Volunteer Survey

National Standards of Volunteer Involvement (Summary)

National Standards of Volunteer Involvement (Full Version)

Sample: Volunteer Application Form

Sample: Volunteer Induction Checklist

Sample: Volunteer Registration Form

NSW Online resources for NSW Not-for-Profits

Guide: Setting up a volunteer program for Volunteer Involving Organisations.

Checklist for Volunteer Program Management

Sample: Photographic Consent Form (Individual)

Sample: Photographic Consent Form (Team).

Sample: Reception Volunteer Job Description

Template: Volunteer Job Description

Promotion of Volunteer Programs

Ideas for Finding a Sponsor

Sample: Job Description Pro Forma

Tips for Running a Volunteer Orientation Session 

Template: Volunteer Waiting List

Template: Police Check

Template: Record of Volunteer Information

Exiting Volunteers Guide for Volunteer Involving Organisations

Sample: Volunteer Exit Questionnaire

Virtual Micro and Epsodic Volunteer Information Sheet

Template: Volunteer Policy for Volunteer Involving Organisations