NSW Volunteering Strategy 2020-2030 produced by the NSW Government.

Corporate Volunteering, Giving and Grants Technology Review: A Global Comparison and Analysis produced by the RW Institute and sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Corporate Citizenship and Volunteering Australia’s report: Corporate Volunteering in Australia: A Snapshot

Handbook 12: Communities Responding to Disasters: Planning for Spontaneous Volunteers

How to Volunteer as a Senior: Information on the nature of senior volunteering; why seniors should volunteer; types of volunteer roles suitable for seniors; and how to get involved.

FACS NSW Human Services Outcomes framework.  The Human Services Outcomes Framework provides a way to understand and measure the extent to which FACS makes a long-term positive difference to people’s lives and enables us to build evidence of what works in improving wellbeing.

NSW Governnment Office of Social Investment Technical guide:Outcomes measurement for social impact investment proposals to the NSW Government

Disability Support and Volunteer Programs

Volunteering Victoria’s Fast Facts: Protecting the Privacy of Volunteers.

NSW Government Fair Work Ombudsman information regarding what constitutes ‘Unpaid Work‘.

Western Sydney University Report: The Impact of Volunteer Support on the Vulnerable ElderlyOur Community Training Bank: Grants and Fundraising; Board, Governance and Leadership; Finance, Insurance and Risk Management; People Management; Strategic Planning, Review and Revitalisation; Information Technology; Community Engagement and Advocacy; and, Marketing and Media.

Organisational insurance and risk information, including a Risk Management and Insurance Guide from Not-for-Profit Law.

Volunteering resource for Community Organisations.  Not-for-profit Law has published a range of new volunteering resources to help NSW organisations recruit and manage their volunteers lawfully. These include a Sample Volunteer Agreement, Sample Volunteer Consent and Release Form, Sample Volunteer Description.

Risk Management Tool for Volunteer Involving Organisations.

Safe Work Australia information regarding Health Care and Social Assistance.  This includes information and Fact Sheets, videos and podcasts on information such as manual handling, good work design, mental health and workplace violence.

Safe Work Australia information regarding volunteers. This includes guidance materials and information.

The Sustainable Development Goals ‘Every Australian’s business’: A guide for employees. Author: Global Compact Network Australia

10 Outstanding Nonprofit Sponsorship Request Letter Samples Author: Qgiv

INNOVATE Reconciliation Action Plan. Author: Cancer Council