What is the Skilled Volunteering Weekly Alert?

The Skilled Volunteering Weekly Alert connects not-for-profit organisations looking to recruit volunteers for short-term or long-term positions and skilled, experienced volunteers.  This is part of our volunteer dating service we offer to our members.

The Alert has two ways of advertising skilled volunteer positions:

  1. A list of positions are emailed to subscribed volunteers every Monday. You can sign up here to receive the newsletter here.
  2. A selection of positions are advertised in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Help Desk column.  This is situated on the inside back page of the News Review section on Saturdays and on the inside back page of the main news section on Mondays. Help Desk advertises five volunteer positions every Monday and three on Saturdays.
  3. All of our volunteer roles are advertised on our website and other volunteering platforms, such as SEEKVolunteer and GoVolunteer


We can help not-for-profit organisations find skilled, quality volunteers and volunteers find a role that suits their interests and lifestyle.

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