In 2010 Megan Etheridge founded Dress for Success Sydney, a volunteer run charity that outfits disadvantaged women in quality professional attire and provides practical job interview advice.

After coming across a similar program in Melbourne, Megan had an ambition to provide the service in Sydney. Her goal was achieved when she established Suited for Work with a number of other like-minded women. Megan then become an Australian affiliate of the world-wide charity Dress for Success and has been involved in every step of shaping Dress for Success Sydney into the program it is today.

Megan’s volunteer efforts go far beyond the Boardroom. She is an active contributor to all areas of the program, from representing and speaking on behalf of the organisation to sorting and preparing clothing for the showroom and dressing clients.

In addition to this, Megan has worked tirelessly to ensure the program is able to reach as many women as possible. Megan’s drive and passion has resulted in the program being offered in Silverwater and Emu Plains Women’s Correctional Centres and online so that rural women can access the service.

“Although there have been challenges in establishing Dress for Success Sydney, it has been inspiring to see the generosity of people and business wanting to volunteer or be involved in another way.

“Volunteering allows me to feel like I’m adding value to someone’s life, but importantly I come to realise that it’s also adding value to my own”.

Megan founded Dress for Success Sydney and is the 2012 NSW Senior Volunteer of the Year.

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