Presentation Title: It’s not them it’s you: Why we need a new approach to engaging volunteers

Despite the studies on the economic, social and mental health benefits of volunteering, many organisations across the sector still struggle to recruit the volunteer skills they need to drive outcomes. The needs of communities are increasing and volunteering can be the transformational change, but why is it not taking off? Why are charities struggling to attract enough skilled volunteers from business or Government. Why are companies struggling to engage enough of their employees? Why is volunteering dismissed as a sideline? Why don’t they get it?

the problem isn’t them, maybe it is us. 

In this talk, Daniel will challenge volunteering professionals to interrogate the mental models and existing beliefs that are holding them back from growing their impact. Daniel unpacks the challenges we face in understanding people from other walks of life and will help the audience understand the tools and techniques to improve the breadth of their inclusive network and develop more powerful partnerships and programs that will drive volunteer impact.


is a recovering Management Consultant having spent years solving problems for
Australia’s biggest companies. He now partners with aspiring leaders and
organisations to tap into the incredible potential of their people and drive
greater commitment, innovation and business performance.  Daniel blends
the worlds of business strategy, psychology and neuroscience to help leaders
engage their people, foster trust and drive outcomes. With a background in Corporate
Strategy and the former Head of the IAG Foundation, Daniel has lived on both
sides of the Corporate & NFP fence.  When he is not working with
clients or speaking on stage, he loves dancing around the house to Baby Shark
with his young daughter, Zoe.