Why did you decide to volunteer?

The main reason I decided to volunteer is I miss my Mum and Dad. Since they died a few years ago, leaving a big hole in my heart, I have no older person to visit as now I am the senior person in the family.

I am not lonely as I am still working, have family and friends, grandchildren and a very active lifestyle. I just miss visiting my parents.

How did you choose this particular organisation?

I chose Hammond Care because my father was a resident in their dementia care and they were wonderful with him.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

I decided to volunteer as I thought there must be lots of elderly people who don’t have family or friends to come visit them. I am ready to chat and listen to all the stories they have to tell. I am hoping that this old ‘biker chick’ can be a bright spark in someone’s day, as they are in mine.