Volunteering Australia has launched a federal election platform – Leading a Culture of Giving in Australia. This platform outlines the key priorities candidates need to consider as they are campaigning during the 2019 election period.
There are more than 5.8 million formal volunteers in Australia who donate an estimated 734 million hours of time to our community. This volunteering yields a 450% return for every dollar invested. Nationally this is an estimated annual economic and social contribution of $290 billion.
Volunteering Australia’s key policy proposals centre on three priority areas:

  • The need for all parties to value the role of volunteering peaks, volunteers, Volunteer Involving Organisations and Volunteering Support Services in supporting and strengthening communities;
  • For all parties to commit to investing in the future of volunteering in Australia and the subsequent benefits it provides to the community; and
  • For all parties to commit to amplifying the efforts already being achieved by the sector.

Volunteers and those who manage them comprise an important part of our workforce and we need to foster an enabling environment that grows a culture of giving. This includes adequate support for the volunteering infrastructure and recognition that volunteering would not occur without the dedication and hard work from committed volunteers, managers of volunteers, Volunteer Involving Organisations and Volunteering Support Services.
It is imperative that there is sustainable and consistent investment into volunteering to support Australia’s voluntary workforce and lead a culture of giving in Australia.
There also needs to be a focused investment in grants and funding to amplify the efforts of the voluntary workforce. With no dedicated resource allocation for volunteers, volunteer management, training and other overheads, services are often forced to absorb costs or use other funding to support their voluntary workforce.
Volunteering Australia has also released campaign information packs for Volunteer Involving Organisations, Volunteering Support Services and volunteers, to engage with candidates in your local electorate. Detailed information can be found on the Volunteering Australia website.

To read the election platform and access campaign information visit http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/cultureofgiving.