Viktor – Build the best team for your community with this recommended resource. 

We hear you, volunteer managers. Finding the right people for your initiative can be difficult. Our calling at The Centre is to aid you every step of the way, and with our video resource on Viktor, we can help you get across a powerful tool that is designed to make your life easier. 

What is Viktor?

Viktor is a national database and volunteer referral system created by Volunteering WA with an extensive database of volunteers, so you can recruit people who are as passionate as you are about giving back to the community. It allows volunteer involving organisations to login via the internet and directly update their details, including their organisation profile, available volunteer positions, contacts, address, and phone numbers, etc.

What roles can be advertised?

  • Roles must be in Australia
  • Role must be covered by insurance (Volunteer Personal Accident and Public Liability)
  • Roles must meet the definition of volunteering from Volunteering Australia. Note that internships, foster care, surveys, and medical studies fall outside this definition.

Learn more

Watch a video to learn more here.  The articles to read include:

  1. Creating a Volunteer Position in Viktor
  2. You’ve Created a Volunteer Position … What’s Next?
  3. Management Tips for Advertising Volunteer Positions

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