This Ethical Fundraising Policy Template is a free resource to help your organisation create rules to regulate how you raise money

If you’re interested in fundraising, The Centre simplifies the process by offering essential resources in our Knowledge Base. Our Ethical Fundraising Policy template allows Volunteering Involving Organisations in Australia to deliver an effective and exhaustive plan in minutes. Less hassle for you means more time to connect with your communities and experience the fulfilment of supporting others.

This policy identifies the organisation’s stance on fundraising practices and documents the standards and rules the organisation follows. This policy can be used when an organisation is fundraising, whether it’s a short-term drive or a general call for donation.

With this template, you can do so knowing you are committed to ethical action, with the support of the State’s peak body behind you as The Centre is committed to helping volunteer involving organisations and volunteer managers ensure that fundraising activities are carried out in an ethical manner. 

If you conduct a fundraising appeal for charitable purposes in NSW, there are laws you must follow. Many of the legal obligations can be found in the following laws administered by NSW Fair Trading:

You can download this template from our resource library.

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