Why did you decide to volunteer?

In the past, I have studied and have a keen interest in art. Volunteering at the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) has reignited that passion.

Why did you choose this particular role?

I saw it as an opportunity to make the gallery experience as welcoming as possible. Many of our visitors have never been in an art gallery before, or thought it was not a place for them or their children.  It was also an opportunity for me to meet new people and connect with my local community.

Why did you choose this particular organisation?

The gallery, through its public programs, workshops, exhibitions and tours creates a lot of opportunities to engage with our local community. It has become a real hub for enjoyment, sharing and the making of art together, across all age groups.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

I really enjoy getting involved with all aspects of the Gallery.  I really enjoy getting involved with all aspects of the MAMA volunteer experience.

I feel very lucky to be apart of an amazing team of volunteers and I am very proud to assist the amazing MAMA staff.   Being able to share my passion and knowledge of artists and exhibitions with visitors to MAMA, helping to promote the exhibitions, artists and public programs is an absolute joy.

Watching our visitors interact with the artwork, sometimes on a deeply profound level, is very rewarding. It has also helped me grow personally, expand my knowledge and certainly move out of my comfort zone.