hasJobs Availability Snapshot 2019 by Anglicare Australia aims to show what the job market is really like for people who don’t have qualifications or work experience to draw on. It also aims to show what it’s like for those trying to re-enter the workforce after a long break, or those living in regional or remote areas.

It compares government data on the number of people with barriers to gaining work in the Jobactive1i system, with the number of suitable online positions advertised in the sample month of May 2019. The Snapshot provides insights into the experiences of people who have barriers to gaining and staying in work, and invites reflection on whether current policies are supporting them.

The research has found nearly six people are competing for every entry-level job vacancy in Queensland. The results show that the job market isn’t working for everyone. It’s
failing those who need the most help to find work. 

The Snapshot includes a breakdown of State and Territory figures, and finds that there aren’t enough of these jobs to meet demand in any part of the country. The situation is especially dire in South Australia and Tasmania. In South Australia, nine of these jobseekers are competing for each suitable job. In Tasmania, there are a staggering fourteen jobseekers competing for each of these jobs

The Anglicare Jobs Availability Snapshot 2019, released annually during Anti-Poverty Week (13-19 October 2019), shows the situation has worsened over the past 12 months for the most disadvantaged job seekers. It found 5.95 people were now competing for every entry-level vacancy, up from 4.77 in 2018. Queensland was also above the national average of 5.49.

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